Teofilović Brothers

07 Feb 2016 20:00
Teofilović Brothers

The Teofilović Brothers, unique and authentic “artistic icons” of ancient Serbian and Balkan music, will perform on 6th February on the stage of the Sava Centre’s Grand Hall.
During the concert they will present their new album, while this will also be an opportunity for visitors to attend one of the most beautiful musical events, where the Teofilović Brothers will use their spiritual way of singing to evoke a world that we did not know existed, but which is always within reach while being far away in bygone centuries.

The Teofilović boys started their professional singing careers as a vocal duet in the early 1990s. The turning point of their career, however, was their 1998 debut album Čuvari Sna (Guardians of Sleep), which contains 15 cover versions of archaic songs. Their next album, Sabazorski vetrovi (Sabazor Winds), was released in 2002 and contains 16 new songs, while in 2007 they released an album of their Belgrade concert performances called Belgrade Live.

The Teofilovićs have held numerous concerts at many festivals and performed in almost all major cities in Europe, Japan, America etc.

Their live performances, at which the power of enthusiasm can be felt, offer a unique musical experience that is unforgettable.