New Generation Hosting


EUnet would like to inform the public that we are offering a new, superior Hosting platform, fully developed by our team. In building the platform, we insisted on its stability, robustness, high availability and performance. Regarding hardware, the system is based on the concept of server clusters implemented in all functional hosting parts (web, mail, and so on).

Every singular Website is hosted on more than one server simultaneously and, thus, the system guarantees the highest performance and a fast response. The platform also guarantees that Websites of our clients will be available even in case of a failure of any server in the system, as its function will be transparently compensated by other servers in the cluster. Also, the system's concept allows it to be expanded without any limits, in accordance with any increase in the number of users or the load, by simply adding new servers in the cluster and without interruptions in functioning of the system.

And that is not all. Apart from numerous technical enhancements, which will be hailed by all those who need a high-quality and reliable Hosting service, EUnet is offering to its clients a new, modern-design, multi-lingual Control panel. It contains a series of tools for simple management of all standard tasks related to Hosting services.

The system's flexibility and the simplicity of using the Control panel will, above all, be appreciated by professional webmasters who maintain more than one Website. Our logically organised Control panel will provide you with the possibility of maintaining all your Websites, independently opening and managing domains, sub-domains and their DNS records, databases and email accounts. You will also be able to choose or modify the configuration and version of your PHP application and do a lot of additional things, as if you are working on your own server.

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