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When life becomes too stressful and hectic, when you realize that you are overwhelmed with work and every day obligations, give yourself another chance to reestablish the balance of body and soul. Evexia Health Club has created a warm and serene ambience to guide you on your journey to beauty. 

It is a great pleasure to invite you to visit the luxurious area of the beauty center. Evexia Health Club, a kind of space and services that you hadn’t got the chance to enjoy before in Serbia. Evexia Health Club is located in the very center of the city, in the heart of Dorcol, the salon is being designed by the subtle taste of the famous architects making it comparable to the most luxurious salons and spas.



Slimlight a system that combines several technologies in order to achieve maximum results when it comes to cellulite treatments. These are:

LLLT Technology

The laser has a therapeutic effect on the tissues. It seems to improve circulation, create a new capillary network, regeneration of tissues, stimulates the production of collagen and elastine, has anti-inflammatory effect, acting against swelling, stimulates the lymphatic system and is antibacterial.

LED Technology

Besides LLLT technology,  Slimlight improves its performance LED technology. Chromotherapy is beneficial for many conditions so depending on which light we use,  we can achieve increased circulation, soothing, relaxing, analgesic effects and anti-inflammatory effects. In doing so we are helped by red, blue and green light.

Endodermic Massage

Endodermic Massage allows us to remove accumulated fat, cellulite, stimulation of surface and deep circulation, improved skin tone, etc.

Slimlight is a combined system of two laser sources:

  • Helium-neon laser emitting 635 nm
  • Diode laser emitting 904 nm


MYA is a unique device for aesthetic treatments. It is a system of automated testing of body resistance with the use of electric current which analyzes the natural resistance of body tissues: skin, lean and fat deposits, fluid, muscle, etc. Test results are automatically analyzed using the software that determines the exact dose of electric current. Auto system allows individualization of treatment and achieving the best possible results for each client individually.

By doing this, this treatment is great at solving problems like: weight loss, body reshaping, cellulite and adipose mass, toning the skin, and so on.


There are a lot of different treatments with which we can remove cellulite, fatty deposits, do drainage and the detoxification of the body. Xilia also represents a treatment with which we can completely reshape and tighten your body. It works by stimulating the muscle. The apparatus has more outputs  for the electrodes, so that we have the ability to commit to every part of your body that needs treatment. In the anti-cellulite program the most important thing is the individual approach, which this treatment allows us to do. For perfect results, we recommend a series of several treatments that we will do every second or third day. The treatment takes 45 minutes, which is enough for you to escape from everyday stress and responsibilities and to do something for yourself.