Debate: “Culture between market and public funding”

27 Nov 2016 13:00
Debate: “Culture between market and public funding”

The European Movement in Serbia invites you to attend a debate on models and instruments for funding culture and art in Serbia, which will be held at 1pm on Thursday 1st December at the EU Info Centre, 7 Kralja Milana Street.

The debate, entitled “Culture between market and public funding”, is being organised by the European Movement in Serbia, a culture forum, in cooperation with the EU Info Centre. It aims to encourage dialogue on the ways and means of financing the entire cultural production in Serbia - and the field of limited cultural productions (public institutions, independent scene) and mass culture productions (creative initiatives with economic potential). From different perspectives, the organisers are seeking to highlight models and instruments of financial support for this sector, which is marginalised and insufficiently recognised and supported in terms of its educational and social potential.

Planned speakers include:

• Đurđijana Jovanović, Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information

• Igor Stanković, MegaCom Film 

• Vesna Marjanović, MP

• Gojko Božović, Member of the Forum for Culture

• Dajana Đedović, Member of the Forum for Culture

Moderator: Milena Stefanović, Vice-President of the Forum for Culture, the European Movement in Serbia