B_Tour Festival

26 Sep 2014 20:00
B_Tour Festival

Festival B_Tour devoted to tours of the city as an art form, and particular attention is paid to the interaction between the guides, visitors and urban space. The festival guide acts as an artist / storyteller who in a unique way introduces the visitors to the city, revealing new aspects of urban space and create the preconditions for their rediscovery and understanding in a new light. This is new form of getting to know the city, walking around town, essentially different from the classic city sightseeing tours, and other alternative tours.

The idea for the festival B_Tour was originally born in Berlin and is held every year in a new city. This year Belgrade will be its host.  

At the festival in Belgrade B_Tour, Guerilla City will take part with audio-tours dedicated to the history of Savamala. A fictional narrator who embodies the unique "flair of Savamala" will guide visitors and introducing them to the history of Savamala, its current situation, as well as the problems it is facing at the moment.

B_Tour is organised by the Goethe Institut.