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Advertise with and attract clients & partners among the fast-growing international corporate and expatriate community of Belgrade and Serbia.

With 8,000+ unique visitors per month, is successfully advancing community communication. provides informative & entertaining resources, as well as data on business services in the English language.

By advertising with, one can successfully promote business – products, services and operations – with the foreign, international and repatriated communities of Serbia. (For more info see ‘about us’)

The many ways one can take advantage of our advertising and PR offer include: bespoke campaigns; banner advertising, premium business listings, partner advertising, real estate listings, advertorials & PR interviews.

Companies regularly advertising with include Banca Intesa, Mercedes Benz, Raiffesenbank, Audi, Dr. Ristic, BMW…

Contact us directly (8.30am to 4.30pm, Mon-Fri) on +381 11 240 4118, cell +381 633 64611 or via email