Željko Joksimović

11 Dec 2015 20:00
Željko Joksimović

Željko Joksimović is one of the most popular musicians in the region. After a break of more than eight years, he will perform at Belgrade’s Kombank Arena on 11th December.

This concert is part of the promotional tour for his latest album, which was released recently, at the peak of Joksimović’s career as a composer, author of music and performer. At the same time, this will be the first time that Željko will perform songs from his new album in front of the Belgrade audience.
“After eight years, I am returning to the Kombank Arena. This concert will be symbol of rounding up my professional career, during which I have constantly studied and sought to gift the audience every year with better songs then before. I think the last album surpassed all previous ones and now I'm ready again, and eager to interact with the audience in Belgrade. I'm sure this will be a concert to remember and I can’t wait for 11th December - said Željko.

Joksimović and the Ad Hoc Philharmonic Orchestra have prepared a spectacular show. After Banja Luka, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tuzla and Split, where Joksimović filled the largest halls and stadiums with thousands of people, he has prepared a special repertoire and new arrangements of some songs for this latest Belgrade concert.

"Ljubav", "Mišel", "Zaboravljaš", "Žena za sva vremena" – these are just some of the numbers Željko will perform in Belgrade Arena on 11th December. To surprise the audience, there will also be a number of tracks from his Balkan Bazaar project, which he has been working hard on in recent years, and which he has presented in Istanbul, Sofia and Zagreb.

Joksimović has released six albums and authored dozens of songs for other artists, including Miljacka, Lejla, the albums of Jelena Tomasević and music for film and theatre. Željko once brought Serbia back to the centre stage of European music by securing second place at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Lane Moje".