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Sometimes we don’t see what is right before our eyes. One of the most tempting sites on the Internet about Serbia and what it offers is walkingserbia.com.  The strange thing is that none of the people behind the project is Serbian or was even born in this country.  The Serbian Experience provides one-week guided walking holidays in the beautiful mountainous region of Šumadija in central Serbia.

The Serbian Experience (SE) is run by Tish, who is Welsh, and Saša, who is a dual national (Serbian/British), and their 2 children. After moving to Serbia from the UK four and a half years ago, they came up with the idea for The Serbian Experience.  While exploring Šumadija, they discovered its natural beauty and recognized the potential for visitors who enjoy walking and who wish to experience and explore countryside with traditional villages and monasteries yet untouched by tourism.

So far the couple has had mainly British tourists who are looking for something different, those who have been searching for a holiday destination where they can walk without bumping into crowds of other walkers, explore real villages that have remained unchanged for generations, but who can at the same time have the guidance and support of a highly experienced mountain guide whose knowledge of the region and its history is unparalleled.

Unlike most tours you can find in Serbia usually only through mountaineering organizations, this is a program that offers more according to the needs of traditionally demanding British tourists. The main holiday program offered by The Serbian Experience includes not only 7 nights’ accommodation in a 3 bed-room, self-contained house, but also airport transfers, lifts to and from walks and an experienced guide who’ll know how to get any foreigner acquainted with Serbia.  SE is flexible to visitors’ individual needs, because there are always those who would prefer bicycles or a car rather than just a walking tour. 

Kalenicki Prnjavor and Jasenova Glava

The walk takes approximately 5hrs and starts in the village of Kalenicki Prnjavor. The walk to Jasenova Glava peak (906m) takes you through old forests of oak and silver birch. From Jasenova Glava, a pleasant walk leads to the 15th century monastery ‘Kalenic.’ The day will finish with a visit to Ratkovic, a typical Serbian village where you will be served complementary traditional Serbian refreshments.






Spring has arrived, so we would like to suggest that you leave behind your office, comfortable home, and even your car to take a little walk over the beautiful Serbian landscape. In this issue, we are offering a range of several mountain trails and strongly recommend the five-hour walk that starts from Kalenicki Prnjavor and ends in the village of Ratkovci.


Div?ibare highland on Maljen Mountain is a well-known mountain resort, recognized as true haven for its air quality. It has hour hiking routes, ranging from easy to medium.

There are a lot of easy hiking routes in Div?ibare, at an altitude of 980 m. All routes are marked with hiking signs.

Center - Golubac; 1050 m above sea level; 1,9km route
Center - Paljba; 1051 m above sea level; 2,4km route
Center - Velika Plec; 1036 m above sea level; 2,5km route
Center - Crni Vrh; 1093 m above sea level; 1,5km route


Homolje Mountain Range is located in eastern Serbia, southwest of Majdanpek. Whole-day hiking and mountaineering tours, ranging from 3 to 30 km, are organized by Ace Adventure agency. Routes include visits to historical landmarks, medieval forts, monasteries, observatory peaks, caves, lakes, and mountains.

Golubac - Tuman Monastery - Tuman Crni Vrh - Rakova Bara - Rakovobarski Vis - Malo Vrelo - Sumece - Djula - Kucevo; ranging from 75m to 691m above sea level; 30km route
Kucajna - Kucejnsko Lake - Ravniste - Ceremosnja - Veliki Stubej; ranging from 180m to 940m above sea level; 23,5 km route
Duboka - Crni Vrh; ranging from 200m to 640m above sea level; 15km route
Stubej - Bukovska; ranging from 940m to 250-480m above sea level; 16km route
Ravniste - Stubej; ranging from 480m to 940m above sea level; 11km route
Rakova Bara - Rakovobarski Vis - Tuman Monastery - Tuman Crni Vrh; ranging from 250m to 691m above sea level; 12km route


Golija mountain hiking includes visiting famous medieval Orthodox monasteries and enjoying some famous Serbian monastery hospitality and rakija. Hiking trails are 3 -12 km long, and pass through the spectacularly beautiful UNESCO protected wildlife reserve.

Golija's special attraction is hiking to Jankov Kamen, Novica Brdo, as well as a 3 kilometer-long "health route."

Golijska river - Milosica - Jankov Kamen - Babica brdo - Golijska river; ranging from 1408m to 1833m above sea level; 9km route
Katici - Pension "Obradovic" - Mucanj; ranging from 1000m to 1536m above sea level; 10km route
Golijska river - Hajducka Reka - Tasova Livada - Bojevo Brdo - Golijska Reka; ranging from 1408m to 1748m above sea level; 12km route

Fruska Gora Hiking and Biking

Routes vary in length from 3 to 80 km and lead through beautiful protected areas of Fruska Gora National Park.
All the routes are circular, and are all marked. A hiker can either go eastward or westward on each route (eastward is the basic direction on the route).

The Route of Joy and Pleasure is the shortest and the easiest hiking route over the fields and through the forests and viewpoints; ranging from 300m to 500m above sea level; 3,25km route
The Apprentice Route; ranging from 300m to 500m above sea level; 17km route
The Mini-Marathon; ranging from 300m to 500m above sea level; 32km route
The Half-Marathon; ranging from 300m to 500m above sea level; a more serious route; 57km route
The Great Marathon; ranging from 300m to 500m above sea level. This is a true marathon. 81km route
Tara Hiking and Trekking
Tara national Park has 18 well-marked trails going through spectacular mountainous areas of this wild forest refuge. Trails are mostly of medium difficulty, ranging from 3 to 18 km.

Kadinjaca - Planinarski Dom (Mountain Lodge) "Javor" - Borovo Brdo; ranging from 805m to 1055m above sea level; 10,5km route
Planinarski Dom (Mountain Lodge) "Javor" - Bulibanovac - Zborista; ranging from 1055m to 1544m above sea level; 14km route
Planinarski Dom (Mountain Lodge) "Javor" - Kaludjerski Stanovi - Vidikovac - Manastir Raca; ranging from 1055m to 260m above sea level; 10,5km route
Planinarski Dom (Mountain Lodge) "Javor" - Kaludjerski Stanovi - Vidikovac; ranging from 1055m to 1000m above sea level; 5km route
Raca Monastery - Kanyon of the river Raca - Planinarski Dom (Mountain Lodge) "Javor"; ranging from 260m to 1055m above sea level; 18km route
Zboriste - Sekulica Voda - Mitrovac; ranging from 1544m to 1084m above sea level; 9km route
Mitrovac - Peri Do - Perucac; ranging from 1084m to 241m above sea level; 5km route
Mitrovac - Krnja Jela - Cemeriste - Predov Krst; ranging from 1084m to 1138m above sea level; 13km long route
Mitrovac - Kozje Stene; ranging from 1084m to 962m above sea level; 6km long route
Mitrovac - Crvene Bare; ranging from 1084m to 1100m above sea level; 1,5km long route
Mitrovac - Vezanja Lake; ranging from 1084m to 890m above sea level; 5km long route
Predov Krst - Canyon of the river Brusnice; ranging from 1138m to 846 - 291m above sea level; 6km route

Stara Planina

Stara Planina is some 330 km from Belgrade, 70 km from Nis, and 50 km from Pirot and Knjazevac. Mizdor, its peak (2123m), is the highest peak in eastern Serbia. It is famous for its wildlife and spectacular observation points that offer unprecedented views of Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Kosovo. Hiking, mountaineering and mountain bike excursions are organized by a specialized tour operator, Ace Adventure. Stara Planina Mountain has two marked hiking routes, good skiing slopes, a large artificial lake, the 16th century Temska Monastery, and Temska river with abundant fishing,medicinal herbs, and wild mushrooms, which  are just a few of the tourist attractions.

Mountain Lodge "Babin Zub" - Vidikovac - Babin Zub - Markova livada - Mountain Lodge "Babin Zub"; ranging from 1540m to 1740m above sea level; 4km route
Mountain Lodge "Babin zub" - Peak Midzor; ranging from 1570m to 2169m above sea level; 17,2 km route

Temska Monastery, 16th century
Outdoor activities in the area include skiing, hiking and mountaineering, paragliding, and fishing.
Babin Zub is one of the peaks at the 1780m above the sea level. Entering the rocky Babin Zub complex is easy, but climbing any of the rock formations requires climbing experience.

Kopaonik Hiking and Mountaineering

Many well ordered trekking trails and mountaineering routes provide great opportunities to enjoy the nature and landscapes of Kopaonik National Park.
Kopaonik Mountain, the biggest mountain range in Serbia, spreads some 80km from the northwest to the southeast. With its 200 sunny days a year, Kopaonik was dubbed "Sunny Mountain." The highest peak is Pancicev Vrh (2017m). Because of its stunning natural beauty, Kopaonik was declared a national park in 1981.
Kopaonik National Park offers different guided hiking tours.

From the management building to two different viewpoints: Karaman Greben (1900m) 5km and Pancicev Vrh (2017m); ranging from 1700m to 1900m and 2017m above sea level; the  10km route
Tour of Markov Kamen; 1700m above sea level; 4km route
Tour of Kukavica viewpoint and Kozja Stena reserve; ranging from 1700m to 1600m above sea level;14km route
Tour of Metodje reserve; ranging from 1700m to 1600m above sea level; 10km route
Tour of Semetesko Lake; ranging from 1700m to 800m above sea level; 20km route
Tour of Jelovarnik Waterfall; ranging from 1700m to 1200m above sea level; 24km route
Tour of Ostri Krs reserve; ranging from 1700m to 1600m above sea level; 4km route
Tour of Crkvine archeological site; ranging from 1700m to 1800m above sea level; 10km route

Hiking and Trekking

The easy hiking routes of Rudnik mountain lead to beautiful observatory peaks, mountain lodges, and historical landmarks of the Sumadija region. All hiking-mountaineering routes on Rudnik Mountain are marked.

Along the trail, don't miss the local specialties in the ethno-village of Kostunici, which include wild fruit and rakijas.
Rudnik Mountain, which dominates Sumadija, Serbia's central, is located some 100 km south of Belgrade. The highest peak is Veliki Sturac (1132 m). Rudnik has a total of eight peaks over 1000 meters.

Rudnik village - Cvijicev Vrh - Prince Milos' House (Gornja Crnuca) -Vracevsnica Monastery; ranging from 800m to 1132m above sea level; 20km route
Rudnik village - Varnice - Ostrvica; ranging from 800m to 971m above sea level; 12km route
Rajac - Dobra Voda - Ravna Gora; ranging about 900m above sea level; 15km route