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Women's Fashion in Belgrade

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  Where to shop:
When it comes to shopping, Belgrade is like any other capital. Most shops are concentrated in the city centre, predominantly on Knez Mihailova and its surrounding area, and there you can find all the well-known Serbian and global brands. Wander the streets around the centre and there is a good chance you will find that dress or pair of shoes that you are after.

If you have no luck amongst the big name shops, nearby you have three shopping malls with their own unique shops mostly of clothing, lingerie, shoes, or other kinds providing the shopper with the opportunity to buy unique items rather than the usual labels. The first of these is the "New Millennium" centre, situated just a few small passages away from the start of Knez Mihailova. The second, called "City Passage", is located on Obili?ev venac, parallel to Knez Mihajlova, and the third one is somewhat hidden but you can find the entrance from Kolar?eva, De?anska or Nuši?eva street. This third shopping centre is called "?umi?evo soka?e" and it used to be much better supplied than it is today, but you can still find a lot of different shops there like hair product shops, a bookshop with literature in English, knitting supplies, musical instruments shops and antiques.

Heading further from the centre, towards Slavija or up the Boulevard of Kralja Aleksandra, you can also find a good selection of shops, particularly for shoes, but many are the smaller cousins of stores on Knez Mihailova. Upper Dor?ol is also worth a look if you are looking for something a little different, and is filled with unique, privately owned shops, many of global brands, although you may want to browse awhile to see which shops best suit your tastes.

For those that appreciate the simplicity of the mall, there are a number of large shopping malls located in New Belgrade. There is "Mercator", a Slovenian chain, which boasts an impressive supermarket and a good number of fashion outlets, a furniture shop, a pharmacy, toy shops, a couple of cafés and a restaurant. Then there is the "IMMO Centar" which is smaller but has a number of shops that you can't find elsewhere, such as Top Shop, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins.

The newest shopping addition, about which the whole Belgrade is mad, is Delta City, opened at the beginning of November this year. It is the biggest mall yet and it offers an extensive range of shopping outlets. A lot of these shops have been already introduced to Belgrade's shopping crowd, but there are also a lot of new brands such as Paul and Bear, Jack and Jones and Sephora, along with a new Costa Café and KFC on the top floor. Delta City is a proper city shopping mall, spread over 88,000 square metres, with two floors of clothing, shoes, makeup, sportswear and a huge supermarket on the ground floor, alongside restaurants, a bowling alley, a kids' playground and a cinema on the top floor. The most interesting aspect of shopping at Delta City is that it is as focused upon male customers as it is female. This means that men can enjoy shopping in the numerous shops and appreciate numerous styles, providing them with the best opportunity to buy men's clothing in Belgrade.

The only problem one can find shopping in Belgrade is that collections are generally those from the previous season or year in Western Europe. Unfortunately, what you see in Belgrade shops will undoubtedly have been in shops in London, Paris and Madrid earlier, although styles that you continue to like, but might have passed their best elsewhere in Europe, can be easily found in Belgrade.  

Finally, if you are looking for some cheap shopping there are two options in Belgrade: the flea market or the block 70 mall in New Belgrade, better known as the Chinese mall. It is at these locations that you can find whatever your imagination can conceive and all at very low prices. The Chinese mall is particularly worth a look if you enjoy Chinese food; to eat there or to buy the ingredients.  





Style and Shopping:
When it comes to style, Serbs are generally conservative in taste. Finding a piece of extravagant clothing in Belgrade is quite difficult. Serbs are fond of golden or tiger patterned clothing, high heels and fur coats, but other individual styles are difficult to come by in the capital. Otherwise fashion is generally neat, casual and uniformed. The biggest influence on fashion in Serbia is Italian style and if you are looking for the big names in Italian or world fashion, the stores are located in upper Dor?ol and Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard, where you can find brands such as Armani, Cavalli, Trussardi, Vivienne Westwood and Valentino. On Knez Mihailova there are a number of large stores such as Zara, Mango, Springfield, Benetton, Lacoste and Office Shoes as well as denim stores such as Diesel, Replay, Miss Sixty, Gas, Energie and Levi's. For those with more sophisticated taste and a bigger wallet there are also stores by Escada, Max Mara, Max & Co, Furla, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss or Serbian brands such as Verica Rako?evi?, Zekstra, Mona, Arfodite Mode Collection, Nicholas, and Dragana Ognjenovi? with various prices and styles, both business and casual.

Serbian people love sports clothing and accordingly you can easily find Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Puma, Champion and others stores which provide you with a huge choice of trainers and sports clothing. There are also skate and surf shops for younger people such as Roxy, O'Neill and Quicksilver.

Finally, there is also an excellent selection of make-up and perfumery shops, located predominantly in the centre. They stock an excellent selection of cosmetics from the relatively inexpensive, to the make-up of Channel, Dior and Givenchy.

Sales and sizes:
When it comes to enjoying the sales in Belgrade, watch out for them at the end of each season. Lately, with the arrival of more and more of the world's big brands, sales can result in you enjoying up to a 50 percent discount, but it's much more common that sales discounts are between 10 and 30 percent, even when it comes to last season items. So the chances of finding something really cheap is not comparable with sale's shopping in London and Paris, but they are still well worth a look. And it is not to say you can't experience all the frenzy of the sales here in Belgrade. At sale time expect big crowds of women fighting over the sale priced clothing, struggling to get one more item of clothing their armpit, while their men queue on their behalf at the wardrobe.

Sizes are the same as those in every other European city, with the most obvious and common sizing system being the standard XS, S, M and L. Those are, as I say, standard, but you can also find XXS or XL, when it comes to women sizes, although these sizes are relatively rare. Sizes also come in the usual numerical measurements that you can find on clothing labels around the world and in most cases with more then one size explanation. It is worth noting that Serbs are generally pretty tall so it is often easier to find medium and large sizes. Finding small sizes for women however is not too much problem. This rule also applies to shoes, but finding small sizes can be hard unless you are prepared to look in the children's section.

Return policy in Serbia is a little unusual. Every shop will take items back if you have the receipt and if the return occurs within a reasonable time, but rather than getting your money back, you must exchange returned purchases for a new item.

Now all you have to do is grab your credit card and head out for a little retail therapy...