Huge race of 40,000 runners


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The Belgrade marathon is the biggest mass sporting event in Serbia. This year, though, it will be bigger than ever before, because the 42
nd World Military Marathon Championship will be held alongside the regular marathon.

The Belgrade Marathon gives the Serbian capital a chance to showcase its beauty and treasures to the world each year. And this year is no exception, with the traditional Belgrade Banca Intesa Marathon to be held on 18th April for the 22nd time. 

The Belgrade Marathon is far and away the biggest mass sporting event in Serbia and, thanks to a decision of the City Assembly, it has also been proclaimed as an event of special significance to the city.

Continuity is also set to be maintained with the event's main sponsor, as Dejan Nikoli?, Director of the Belgrade marathon, and Draginja ?uri?, president of the executive board of Banca Intesa, already signed a contract that confirms the continuation of successful co-operation between the marathon and makes Intesa the main sponsor of one of Serbia's most significant sporting events for the fourth consecutive year.

This year around 40,000 competitors are expected to take part in the main race, while Marathon director Nikoli? has announced that the five-kilometre Fun Run will also be organised again this year to coincide with the full marathon. Adding to the event, there will also be an official half-marathon event and seven days prior to the main event the traditional Belgrade Kids Marathon will be held at Kalamegdan Zoo. 

This year Belgrade will also be the host of World Military Marathon Championship, the biggest military sporting show to ever be held in Serbia.

"At Banca Intesa we know how important it is to be on the world map, bearing in mind that we are part of one of the world's biggest bank groups. This year too the marathon promotes solidarity, endurance, persistence and fair-play, which we support and nourish through business and our broader social activities. I believe that these values will be of priceless significance in this year of challenges that is ahead of all of us", said Intesa president ?uri?.

The marathon wouldn't be what it is if we lacked the support we have, insisted Nikoli?. "We will be trying hard to carry on the successful tradition and I hope we'll secure high quality participants for this year's marathon. Next year will mark the 2,500th anniversary of the first marathon that was run by Phidippides, who unfortunately didn't survive."

Also singing the praises of the event, Snežana Samardži? Markovi?, Serbian Minister for Sports and Youth, said that the Belgrade marathon is for the benefit of citizens, because it promotes the capital in terms of culture and tourism, as well as motivating people to take part in sport.

Become a Master of Charity!

For the fifth consecutive year, CorD Magazine is organising the
CorD Charity Masters – a race in which it is more important to be charitable than to be first.

The Charity Masters race is to take place in the context of the upcoming
22nd Belgrade Banca Intesa Marathon, to be staged on Saturday 18th April 2009.

This year we are inviting you to run (or stroll if you so desire) at least five kilometres to raise money for charity. Registering to participate in the
CorD Charity Masters is simple and all money raised by racers will be donated to the organisation of your choice.

Each participant should secure sponsorship of at least 400 dinars per kilometre.

Donations should be either paid into CorD’s special account or directly into the accounts of the organisations to receive donations. 

Race participants have full independence in choosing any humanitarian organisation they wish to run for (ORCA, School without Violence, Save the Children, etc.).

Every CorD Charity Master will receive a certificate and commemorative t-shirt as proof of their participation.
The winners (most funds raised) will receive symbolic commemorative prizes. The results of the race and details of funds raised will be published in CorD’s May issue, on and , while the formal handover of donations by the teams will feature in the June issue of CorD.

Apply today and make a difference!
CorD Team
Kneginje Zorke 11b, Belgrade
tel. 011 308 99 77, fax. 011 308 99 88
charitymasters@cordmagazine.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

CorD Charity Masters – FAQs

How can I apply to compete in the CorD Charity Masters race?

Send an email or fax with a completed registration form (see attachment) to e-mail -
charitymasters@cordmagazine.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ; fax (+381 11) 3089988. The closing date for registration in the CorD Charity Masters is Monday 13th April.


Who will check how many kilometres have been completed by the runners?
This is charity race and each runner is expected to calculate the length of their own race. In addition, special referees will be tasked with assisting for half and full marathon runners.

How does one either become a sponsor or obtain a sponsor?
Sponsors can be any individual, company, organisation, association or mission which accepts to pay the runner. Sponsors could also include work colleagues willing to collect funds for your charity of choice. You can obtain sponsorship within your company or from family members, friends...whoever wants to join this charity race.

How many participants will be accepted for the CorD Charity Masters?
In agreement with the organisers of the 22nd Belgrade Banca Intesa Marathon, all participants who apply for the CorD Charity Masters will be accepted.

Is there a minimum sponsorship level per kilometre?
The amount of money individuals give for sponsoring charity efforts is not always the most important factor. Accordingly, there is no set minimum.

What percentage of the money raised will go to charity?

100% of the money raised is to go to charity.

Will CorD Charity Masters run alongside all other participants of the Belgrade Marathon?
Yes. Members of the CorD Charity Masters team will start the race at the same time as all other runners competing in the 22nd Belgrade Banca Intesa Marathon.