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Fung Shui (pronounced: Fung Schway) is the ancient Chinese science, method and art of selecting the best plot, grave or house. The quality and the smooth flow of energy – Qi is crucial in the process of selection, and the result of application is general welfare of the people (living in the premises), their descendants (for grave positioning) and business (for business premises).

In Classical Fung Shui, the main working device is the – compass. Using the compass, best premises can be selected, as well as good locations and directions for every family or crew member.

Twenty years ago, when term Feng Shui for the first time emerged in the West, no one really knew what authentic Feng Shui was about. Because of the lack of knowledge, a lot of people have been simply adopted the term Feng Shui for their practices. Crystal therapy, Numerology, Astrology and many other New Age practices claimed that they were practicing Feng Shui. Today, all those practices became commonly known as the ``Western Feng Shui``, or Mc Feng Shui.

Eastern Fung Shui

My first meeting with Classical Fung Shui was in Singapore, where I have been attending many classes conducted by experts in this field, so-called Fung Shui Masters. Since then, I have learned a lot, and all that was completely different from everything which could be found under ``Feng Shui`` in the West.

Among Fung Shui masters, this method is claimed to be the science, for its systemic approach and relying on many Classics. The origin of the method dates back several thousand years ago, and can be traced to the famous Yellow Emperor, who was accredited for inventing the first Geomantic Compass.


System, External vs. Internal

The basis of Classical Fung Shui (and Traditional Chinese Medicine) are the –same, and consist of three main principles: Qi, Yin & Yang, Five Phases (more about these principles: http://sites.google.com/site/classicalyfengshuied2). The Classical Fung Shui approach in premises evaluation begins from - external. Natural landscape influences on long-term basis, and the proximity and direction of hills and rivers affects us profoundly. In urban areas, man-made structures such as roads, bridges, high buildings, pylons…are also very important.

Our ideal Fung Shui environment requires smooth Qi flow, without sharp structures pointing toward our doors or windows. The buildings with roads going directly to the front door, or the ones facing the tall building or any threatening structure, are best to be avoided. At the other hand, the premises with open space in front (unobstructed view, park, etc.) and regular shape should be certainly our first choice.


Fung Shui for better Living & Business

There are many advantages in applying the Classical Fung Shui. The first and best option ever is to consult the Fung Shui Master in advance, before buying, renting or moving into the premises, be it a plot, a house, a flat or an office. Classical Fung Shui Project can cover complete design of the premises, inside-out.

Classical Fung Shui consultations are aimed to be highly personal, and the Premises should match the owner and-or the tenants. Door location and orientation, room-office placement, furniture arrangement, location and orientation of the bed, kitchen stove and-or desks, are the vital parts of Classical Fung Shui audit.


Living with Fung Shui

Since the Earth Qi provides long-lasting energy, good location with abundance of Qi is always the best solution for Living Premises. Placing of the Premises is very important, for even at the good Location, the Premises should be able to tap the Qi. Ideally, we would like our Premises to have properly placed front door, as well as large Ming Tang – Bright Hall. Good solution in finding the plot, positioning the premises and designing exterior/interior can be found in Classical Fung Shui projects.
Classical Fung Shui consultations are the excellent answer for anyone living in apartments and condos. In any type of Classical Fung Shui consultations, no figures are needed for the figures can not influence the overall flow of Qi.

However, simple interventions can be recommended, for improving the Qi flow (moving bed, moving into better room, rearranging the furniture, moving stove, favorite chair and-or desk, rarely installing special cures in certain areas…).

For people living in houses, except the measures stated above, the additional ones may be recommended (choosing the other door as the front door, moving the entrance gate…).

In Classical Fung Shui, position and orientation of the front door, bed and stove can affect significantly our health, relationship and business.


Business & Fung Shui

The difference between the average and excellent Business results lies in the – Business Premises. Using compass and GE maps, Fung Shui master can precisely determine the destiny of the certain location, object or business.

Thriving of every Business depends primarily on Location and Surroundings of the Premises, as well as on the destiny of the owner – CEO.

Proper positioning of the Key people and altering the Qi flow in the Premises, enables improved efficiency and relations, as well as better end results. That is why many Business owners and Company executives have wisely chosen to implement Fung Shui solutions in their Business, be it a Classical Fung Shui consultation, Lectures or Ba Zi consultations (destiny analyses, crucial element in staff analyses and recruiting).


About the author

Althea Snezana is Classical Fung Shui master, educated in Singapore, Malaysia and U.K., in Classical Fung Shui, Ze Ri, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Ba Zi, Yi Jing and Mei Hua. She is the author of several books