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In order to keep our pages friendly and fair, we require that you comply with the following code. Membership to the site remains at the discretion of the administration at all times.
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If a posting offends or causes you a problem, please contact us for moderation.

1. No malicious postings
A post that is purposely aimed at personally and maliciously insulting or belittling an individual or idea will be deleted. If you have a problem with another user, we suggest you address them privately.

2. No divulging personal information
Users that publish other people’s personal information or publish Private messages in a public forum will be instantly banned without exception.

3. No posting out of context
A post that does not relate to the topic of a thread, respond to other posts, or continue the ongoing discussion, is not allowed.

4. No cursing
Foul language or any word considered as degrading to the person or thing it is describing, is forbidden in posts, signatures or calendar events.

5. Racist, Religious or Sexual Offense is strictly forbidden.
Any degrading remark concerning race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual preference or ability, or that in general, is strictly forbidden.

6. Pornographic content
Any pornography, or reference to a site with pornographic content, is forbidden.    
7. Spam
A number of posts that do not violate any of the aforementioned rules, but that do not have any content whatsoever, are considered as spam and will be deleted accordingly. Repeated posting of the same post is also considered spam.

8. Content Duplication
If there is more than one active thread on the same topic, all but one will be removed.

9. Thread Titles
All thread titles should describe the intended discussion as well as possible. Any thread which has a title that does not describe the topic of the thread will be deleted or merged.

10. Irrelevancy
A discussion between two posters that is of no interest to the community is to be conducted by other means of communication than the Public Forums.

11. No commercial advertising is supported and operated by advertising revenue. Commercial advertisements or product/service promotions may not be posted to the forum or relayed by any other means. Companies found advertising their products and services will be directly invoiced. If you wish to advertise your products or services, please contact our team on advertising@expat.rsThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please find advertising information here.

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