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A new, modern concept has been created after more than a year long research of patients' needs, which includes quality of services provided and creation of pleasant atmosphere at the dental clinic.

Our highly skilled team is capable of providing all types of dental services at one place. We are dedicated to each patient individually with dental treatment plan based on up-to-date doctrines of dental profession and the highest quality material available on the market.

Our care for your teeth begins in a very pleasant atmosphere, in modern and well-equipped premises within University village Belville, nearby Delta City shopping centre.


Use of the latest generation of laser will make your visit to the dentist efficient. Use of AT Fidelis laser makes treatments safe and enjoyable.


Team of highly skilled and experienced experts, who constantly receive advanced training with the aim of improving oral health of our patients, will take care to solve all your problems concerning aesthetic appearance and health of your teeth.


Dental tourism stands for traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery, or a dental procedure, which are generally expensive in one's own country.

While dental tourists may travel for a variety of reasons, their choices are usually driven by price considerations. Clearly, there can be significant financial incentives for undertaking expensive treatment abroad. Such activity even including the travel expenses and accommodation can be significantly cheaper than undertaking procedures at home.

Belville dental center is pleased to offer complete care of your health, which includes coordination with other specialists in the field of dentistry as well as monitoring and maintaining the results after completion of restorative treatment in our center.