Bali Detox

Skadarska 9

+381 11 3246 105


In a pleasant and exotic milieu, in the heart of Belgradecenter for psychophysical rest, relaxation and body detoxication according to ancient recipe by Nikola Tesla and according to life style of most famous Hollywood stars is located.

On Skadarska Street 9, you can find first  Bali Detox Center for detoxication and relaxing.

Surroundings of an exotic Indonesia island will remind you on careless summer days,  lying around in the shade, smell of sea water, and beautiful  sunsets.

Specialty of Bali Detox Center is purifying of body through feet.

In addition to, there are 4000 pores on feet which enable easy and practical removing of harmful substances out of your body with the help of water and low-frequency current.