Aleksandar Palace

Kralja Petra 13-15

+381 11 3305 300

Hotel Aleksandar Palas

Aleksandar Palas Hote was named after the great Serbian King Aleksandar Obrenovic. The idea to name after kinky came from the very position of the hotel. It is situated between Kralja Petra I (King Peter the 1 dynasty), and Cara Lazara (Tsar Lazar Nemanjic dynasty) streets, so the third Serbian dynasty Obrenovic, got its place in the name of Aleksandar Palas Hotel.

The building in witch hotel is located was built in 1887 and dates from the 19th century, and so we were the neighboring buildings, thus creating a beautiful and harmonious architectural complex. This central part of the city is soon to become a pedestrian zone according to the master urban layout; therefore with the traffic relocated, hotel surroundings shall gain a whole new quality.

Apartment structure

There are nine exclusive suites in the hotel, with interiors thematically homogenous on each floor. Each suite has a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. One of the suites is a luxurious duplex apartment, which also has a study.

Living room and a study contain comfortable furniture, American style closets, air-conditioning, ventilation, direct phone line and Internet connection, TV with both satellite and domestic programs. Besides the king-size to give one a perfect rest, bedroom is equipped with a home-cinema system - a TV with a surround sound system.

Internet and phone lines are just beside the bed, air-conditioning is individually controlled in each suite. Bedrooms contain a small, coded safe-deposit box, for keeping your valuables extra safe and close by. Bathroom are equipped with the latex shower cabins with audio-signal, a possibility of enjoying a Turkish bath, massage and a Finnish sauna.