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Alliance international media (aim) is a private holding company launched in 1991 in London, UK, with the goal of developing international, multi-language, high quality magazines, with offices in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Bonn and Rome, with further franchises in Greece, Taiwan and South Korea. In 1996, aim was awarded the Silver International Press Distribution Award (IPD) and in 1997 aim received the world's highest publishing recognition for small companies (with fewer than 50 employees) when it was awarded the Gold International Press Distribution Award “for the publishing companies which show the highest degree of initiative, investment and innovation…“ The IPD Award was simultaneously presented to TIME magazine, International Herald Tribune, National Geographic Magazine, and several other magazines of global prestige.

The Serbian branch of aim was launched in 2003 in Belgrade and since then has been publishing CorD magazine, a publication in English recognized as one of the most influential monthly publications in the region. CorD's main objective is to facilitate the furthering of communication and understanding between Serbia's foreign diplomatic, commercial and NGO communities and the country's domestic decision makers. CorD belongs to the business "coffee table" magazines, according to international classification, dealing with exclusive political and economic issues. In addition, CorD covers everyday topics such as fashion, art, culture and sports. It is the only one ABC audited business magazine in Serbia. It is distributed directly to the highest economic, diplomatic and political leaders in Serbia and the region, but also in areas frequented by our VIP readers.

Аim has also produced several "business to business" titles, commissioned by the German, Austrian and Greek Chambers of Commerce and endorsed by the Foreign Investors Council, the Vojvodina Government, the City of Belgrade and the Serbian International Business Community. More information on aim activities can be found at the website:

CorD magazine is unique, one of the most influent and indenpendent business magazine in Serbia, dedicated exclusively to the target group of foreign and domestic business people, from middle to top management. CorD magazine is distributed every  first day in month, directly into the hands of economic, business, political and diplomatic leaders in Serbia and the region. Total circulation is 4.250 copies, and the readership is 40.000., and it is audited by ABC Serbia

Special publications:  In collaboration with various embassies and business asociations, CorD magazine has issued special editions dedicated to business community of different countries: USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Nordic alliance, Slovenia, Croatia, Italia, Greece, France, Austria, Switzerland, etc. Aim cooperate also with domestic and foreign institutions, organizations and associations in publishing  a special editions aimed at improving business communication within the various industries and sectors.

In  2012 aim has had either continuation of the cooperation or signed new contracts with the following agencies, organizations and associations:

- Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
- Ministry of Energy
- Ministry of Telecommunications
- Foreign Investors Council - FIC
- The Executive Council of Vojvodina
- Vojvodina Investment & Promotion Agency - VIP Vojvodina
- Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia
- The Association of Serbian Banks
- Business Association of Greece
- German Business Association
- Austrian Business Association
- Swiss Business Association
- Business Association of Great Britain
- Business Association of Slovenia
- Business Association Italy
- Russia Business Association
- U.S. Business Association
- Business Association of the Nordic countries (Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland)

CorD digital archives can be accessed via the link


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