Academy of Arts

Nemanjina 28

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Our Dear Freshmen,

You are extraordinary young people! 

To carry the artistic gift is a beautiful thing, but also a very demanding one. 

Your talent was a gift to you, and this is sufficient for the first great step. This step being your and your families’ decision to establish yourself in this School, with its aim and purpose being to have your talent, this rare precious thing, nurtured, developed, scientifically directed and shaped in the craft. To have your talent be more than mere potential so that after the dedicated, hardworking and pleasant four-year studies you exit the Academy of Arts prepared for great professional challenges.

You are facing an entrance exam. You will stand, I deeply believe, before your future professors. All of them, regardless of the program you choose, are elite names in the fields of art and pedagogy. A serious school based on true professional and human responsibility to you and your parents, cannot and will not work any other way than it did up to now: with the best professors, in a high-quality environment, applying always new and modern teaching programs and methods, in accordance with the Bologna Declaration…

Be brave at the entrance exam. Shine in all the splendor of your talent. Fight for your student’s registration at the Academy of Arts, the oldest private faculty of arts, with its students established from generation to generation at festivals, theaters, film, media….

Be brave! I am rooting for you!

Dušan Đoković 
Founder and President of the Board
of the Academy of Arts